Have a shower

You have the opportunity every day (except Sundays) in the period 4:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m., to take the showers and the indoor pool of the nearby Hotel Schmitt in Mönchberg. Just briefly at the front desk of the hotel report, there one shows you the way.

During the working holidays of the Hotel Schmitt in summer 2018 from 29.07. up to and including 05.08. showers and swimming pool can not be used there.

Showers and swimming:
- for stays of one night: 3,50 € per person
- for stays of two or more nights: free of charge!

Showers, swimming and sauna use:
- per person 12,00 €

In the summer months (May-September) you have the opportunity to visit the Mönchberger Spessartbath with a shower (about 10 minutes below the Wipfelglück). The price is 1,80 € for children (6-16) and 3,80 € for adults.

For a stay of 2 nights or longer we invite you to 2 free tickets per tree house!
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