House rule

- It is not permitted to drive on the tree house area. Please park your car in the designated and signposted parking lots.

- Especially in the time from 10 pm to 6 am we ask you to avoid noise, which could disturb other guests.

- We ask you to treat the tree houses, their furnishing and the sanitary facilities properly and cleanly.

- Please dispose waste in the designated waste containers in the tree house itself, this also applies to empty bottles or leftovers. Please do not use the trash cans of the village to prevent vermin gathering near you.

- Dog owners are requested not to leave their dogs unattended on the hotel grounds. Contaminations in the field and in the tree house are to be removed immediately.

- Smoking and open fire, and the storage of flammable and highly flammable substances such as spirits, fireworks, etc., are strictly prohibited in tree houses and on the terrace. Bearing fire is dangerous, forbidden and indispensable.

- You have the possibility to book a grill package from us (see offer in the room booklet), which you get with the accompanying grill. Please do not use other grills. Wipfelglück reserves the right to prohibit grilling, especially in case of threat of forest fires in periods of drought.

- Windows and doors must be closed when leaving the tree houses. Even in rain, snowfall and storms, we ask you to keep doors and windows closed.

- In winter, in particular when commissioning the radiators, we ask you to restrict the ventilation to the most necessary.

- The stairs, balconies and the windows of the tree houses must not be thrown or poured.

- To enter or leave the tree houses, use the stairs provided for this purpose;
Caution, there is an increased risk of slipping when the stairs are wet! Railings and balustrades must not be crossed.

- Stairs are to be kept as escape routes.

- Adults traveling with children must ensure that the children are supervised adequately.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at +49 9374-319.

We wish you a wonderful and unforgettable stay with us!

PDF-Download: House rule.

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