The security of our guests is very important to us. Therefore we must also take precaution for the hopefully rare case of severe storms.

Staying in the tree houses can be fatal with severe thunderstorms, and in the worst case, when the worst storms occur. The danger arises, in particular, through uprooted trees and falling branches.

If there is enough time before the beginning of a thunderstorm, look for a building outside the forest for the duration of the thunderstorm.

If the thunderstorm has already begun, please do not leave your tree house.

All tree houses are protected against direct lightning strike!

The stay in the forest, the touching of trees and the stay under the tree house are forbidden during a thunderstorm due to possible risk of step and touch voltage. Please also avoid touching electrically conductive parts and devices.

If possible, the guests of the tree houses will be informed in advance in case of a severe thunderstorm and / or storm.

Then you have the possibility to change your stay in the tree house before the trip starts.

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